Alien Brigade
Alien Brigade-Front cover
Development information
Developer Atari Corporation/Scupltured Software[unknown]
Publisher Atari Corporation
Release information
Release United States Flag United States:
Console Atari 5200
Genre Action

, Arcade

Technical information
Players 1
Chronological information
MobyGames MobySmallLogo: Alien Brigade

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The game is 144K in size, making it one of the biggest games on the 7800.


The game is a 5-level shooter. Each level has an objective, too. Players must avoid gunfire from many sources, and must also kill aliens and brainwashed people while gathering more ammo and health. The game ends when the player runs out of health.


The game was heavily advertised, even though the console was nearing its end.


Box covers

Cartridge scans

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